Adverb of time

Two channels video

6 min

Sarah Grünewald

The German noun Wald [valt] was an adverb of time for one moment. Its translation means forest and for a while I was lost in it. This confusion, because of its similarity to the moment of pronunciation, led to the meaning of the noun being lost in a temporal relationship with the future, with a coming event. The adverb of time bald [balt], which refers to the near future, was the victim of a ramification of meanings that finally detonated this intervention of the landscape where the word tries to semantically describe the image from the error and ends up evoking a message about of the construction of time and its passage in the observation of nature.

The forest takes on the qualities of time as roots and leaves sprout.

When? Soon.

Preliminary sketches of the intervention
Intervention in the Grunewald Forest, Berlin

Documentation of the exhibition at Medienhaus,
UdK Berlin