Single channel video,
stereo sound composition.

30min 41sec.

A project materialized thanks to hundreds of people known and unknown.

The audiovisual reports recorded by Colombian citizens through electronic devices and cell phones, which were uploaded to social networks in an independent and self-managed way, were captured and shared in order to promote a call for help to the abuses and rights violations committed by police authorities and ESMAD (mobile anti-riot squad) against demonstrators and citizens within the framework of the National Strike of 2021.
Arrebol (Afterglow) is an audiovisual piece and a sound composition that collects the audible records of independent and self-managed digital material that circulated in networks between April 28 and May 4, 2021. This material, which became a memory archive of the events that took place during the strike, is partially presented through a stereo sound composition that attempts to recreate the transition of the events that went from euphoria and peaceful harangues to violent repression by civil authorities, ending with the denunciations of the citizenry who saw how authoritarian actions increased with the gradual disappearance of light, making the night the scene of detonations and screams that were amplified in the dissemination of transmissions and records of denunciation and aid that flooded Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Telegram.

Under a metaphor of change, the surfaces of the clouds that are tinged with the reddish color of the
sun frame the beginning and the end of the days that pass by to the sound of individual and collective actions of bodies that -like time- affectively change in a simile of formations and deformations that their materialities and emotions share with the clouds.

Arrebol (Afterglow) is a fragment of collective memory, a scenario of poetic relationships, a composition and a narrative of a historical event tinged with hope and violence on the meaning of change, time and society.