One point three meters


Single channel video

6:50 min.

I have been recording surveillance cameras for some years, cameras that circulate freely on the network, in streaming and in real time. 
I have been watching the outside through a screen, as if I knew in advance about our current confinement. 
I have captured on countless occasions the same images without sometimes remembering it. 
I have sat and watched for tens of hours landscapes with glitches or intermittent sunsets, insufficient bandwidths and pixelated images where never -at least while looking at them- something concrete has happened. Over time, an immense archive of subtle changes, advanced centimeters, melting seasons, and freezing seasons has been created. Time has passed, and with the prolonged recording the change has appeared, the one I was looking for every time I sat down to observe waiting for something to happen. 
This video-installation is a project always in progress that has as its purpose the compilation of the passage of time, rethinking the notion of distance between the observer and the observed and problematizing the perception of change that implies the passing of seconds, minutes and hours during the current year. A 2020 that is already predicted as the year of change.

30 of March of 2020.

    Unfolding traces
    28th April - 4th May 2023,
    Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße
    Berlin, Alemania