Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya (1991), Cali, Colombia. 

Visual artist graduated from the University of Arts in Berlin, Germany, with a Master in Fine Arts from the Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogota, Colombia.

Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya is a Colombian artist and researcher who lives and works between Colombia and Germany. His work is situated in the tension among the "geopolitical centrality" and the "historical periphery" of the Latin American tropic, delving into the transatlantic contrasts and contradictions that give shape and direction to the complex identity relationship between culture and territory.

From exercises that orbit the intersection between photography, audiovisual language, writing and performance, his work opts for a thermo-affective approach that subverts the hegemonic and hemispheric lens on the Latin American equinoctial region, questioning colonial notions of experience and perception of the world through the imagination of metaphorical systems and paradoxes. 

With a particular interest in the sun and its tangible and intangible resources, Juan Pablo speculates on the spatio-temporality of heat and the body through historical and emotional relationships that reflect and differentiate between seeing the world move, and moving to see the world move.