︎ 07.2021

ACUD MACHT NEU presents Another Matter a group exhibition coming out of explorations of UdK Class Experimental Film and Media Art together with Society for Nontrivial Pursuits from July 16 to July 17, 2021.


︎ 06.2021

A radio show featuring
sonic miniatures created
during the covid19 pandemic
in the spring of 2021
collected by art students at UAndes  in Bogota Colombia
and UdK in Berlin


︎ 03.2021

Society for Nontrivil Pursuits
Berlin - Germany

︎ 10.2020

Selección Artecámara 2020 / Feria internacional de arte de Bogotá

︎Artecámara 2020 Selection / Bogotá International Art Fair


︎ 06.2020

Solidificación / Texto y lectura performática.

︎ Solidification / Text and performatic reading.

Hybrid Plattform

︎ 05.2020

Catálogo del programa del 33º Festival Europeo de Artes Medíaticas.

︎ The catalogue of the programme of the 33rd European Media Art Festival.
Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya

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un año de control /
one year of control