Single channel Video
6 min.
Dawoon Park


Incisors is a short single-channel video that was developed as a result of an investigation on the relation between image, memory and sound. This process consisted in the development of a device that allows listening to sound through bone vibration, detaching the act of listening from an auditory condition subject to the forms to which the body has physically adjusted. Based on the contradiction suggested by listening with the mouth, and in relation to the phonetic proximity between Ich habe gebissen and Ich habe Gewissen (I have bitten and I have consciousness), the error in understanding the meaning caused by linguistic and cultural distancing detonated an exercise of poetic writing that led to a series of metaphorical relations through language and image, provoking a paradoxical approach when describing the sounds stored in memory.

Unfolding traces
28th April - 4th May 2023,
Kunstraum Potsdamer Straße
Berlin, Alemania
“Approaching the Unknown“ Kollektivgruppe „Delta Δ“ in der Galerie der HFBK -Hamburg, Germany
Single-channel montage during the process exhibition of the New Media class of the University of the Arts Berlin 2022.