Por la sombrita, mi amor

12 min
Part of the curatorship 
“El atrevimiento de lo que llamo mío”
(The audacity of what I call mine)

A project by: 
Bombón Oficina de Cosas


As a manifestation of affection to those who orbit near -and far away too-, and at the same time, perhaps, responding to a sense of concern that I attribute to the physical distance mixed with emotional proximity, I thought of a gesture that would appease the exposure to the intensity that we are possibly going through, all of us, together. Some holding hands, others perhaps more solitary. Some not knowing that everything is happening all the time and everywhere. Others thinking that so much is going on and it's overwhelming. 

Oh God, in the shade, in the middle of the intense light of a sun that is overflowing the sky. Be careful, we are here, never alone, always under the shelter of friends, family, couples; of love, which has so many forms.

Bombón @bombonoficinadecosas invited me to think of something I would like to call my own, daringly... I decided to choose the small shadow, to accompany them, there, where so many things happen, at the same time and everywhere. In the sunlight that scorches everything. Thanks to the intelligent and beautiful friends who gave me a mom's phrase to embrace the faces of those who, with this simple and beautiful cap, cover and protect themselves with the love of friendship.