Being is difficult to grasp

a collaboration with Lukas Esser

Text placement exercise:
“On Touching –
The Inhuman That Therefore I Am”
(Karen Barad)

Intervention in public space
Performative reading
session 1
Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya and Lukas Esser

session 2

Sarah Grünewald and Mona Mandouri



Two people will develop a performative lecture, which accompanied by the distribution of speakers along the place, will amplify the reading of fragments of the text: "On Touching - The Inhuman That Therefore I Am" by Karen Barad. These fragments have been chosen with the intention of elaborating a two-voice "monologue" in which the content of the text is reflected upon and a sound experience is proposed, through the performance, as an element of acoustic amplification and meaning of the metaphorical contents of the reading of the words.

Session 2

Echoing Dimensions
Exhibition - 27.04 - 04.05.2024

Organisation / Curation: Fang Tsai & Özcan Ertek
Aliaksandra Yakubouskaya
Aron Petau
Bill Hartenstein
Fang Tsai
Ivana Papic
Joel Rimon Tenenberg
Juan Pablo Gaviria Bedoya
Jung Hsu
Lukas Esser
Marcel Heise
Nerya Shohat Silberberg
Özcan Ertek

Session 1

Performance in Heinrich-von-Kleist Park, Berlin.