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Being is difficult to grasp /
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2023 -
[information and documentation will be available soon]

The voice, heard in chorus, recites a text about the straight sun, a solar event that happens in the tropics twice a year, disappearing the shadows of dazzled objects. Dilated eyes observe the actions of bodies that amplify digestion processes. The green plantain, metaphor of the appearance of meanings due to the displacement of bodies, is fried in two times as an allegory of the sun, straight; of the light, heavy; and of the sea, which due to the distance has turned into stone.
This project, which is a partial gesture of an ongoing process, is presented as a performative installation where language, action and image are deployed as tools for the creation of meaning, using metaphors that involve the body and its affective capacity in the imagination and speculation of a paradoxical world that places its center at the edges.

Photo: Jens Tiemann

Entre trópicos y afectos
Being is difficult to grasp
Una fricción que no detiene
Uno coma tres metros
El sol pesado
The audiovisual reports recorded by Colombian citizens through electronic devices and cell phones, which were uploaded to social networks in an independent and self-managed way, were captured and shared in order to promote a call for help to the abuses and rights violations committed by police authorities and ESMAD (mobile anti-riot squad) against demonstrators and citizens within the framework of the National Strike of 2021.

…this action proposes a performative event of long distance reading, where texts written by people from my native country, who have been working on sensitive research, share their thoughts and reflections on affects, change and distance through amplification devices, which subject to foreign bodies…
…under the idea of contradiction, I have developed a device that allows listening to sound through bone vibration, detaching the act of listening from an auditive condition subject to the forms to which the body, normalized, has physically adjusted.
Two people will develop a reading, which accompanied by the distribution of speakers along Kleispark (Berlin), will amplify the reading of fragments of the text: "On Touching - The Inhuman That Therefore I Am" by Karen Barad. These fragments have been chosen with the intention of elaborating a two-voice "monologue" in which the content of the text is… 
This project arises from the eviction of an antique store called KUNST UND CHAOS. The experience of its gradual disappearance, along with some other stores in the area, triggered questions and reflections about space-time, emptiness, uncertainty and distance.
In the intent to define the minute thing in contrast to the immensely large, notions like distance and weight blur their edges to expand or contract their meanings. This process concentrated on the affective reflection of these changes, a series of constant modifications that we have been living in relation to the space between the bodies.
Adverbio de tiempo
Today is Wednesday
Fuerza Centrífuga
The German noun Wald [valt] was an adverb of time for one moment. Its translation means forest and for a while I was lost in it. This confusion, because of its similarity to the moment of pronunciation, led to the meaning of the noun being lost in a temporal relationship with the future, with a coming event. The adverb of time bald [balt], which refers to the near future, was the victim of a ramification of meanings…