Cali, Colombia. 1991

member of rastro.studio
In order to think of a place of enunciation, my artistic practice proposes, from an empirical and tropical reflection, affective displacements that contrast my personal experience with the collective experience of the world; stimulating spaces of critical exchange and speculating on possible ways of interweaving relationships between bodies and environments.

As I move, I move over surfaces that change with the action of the body and the word. Through language, I engage in paradoxical relations with the image, seeking to dilate and expand the limits of definitions and meanings through the use of metaphors and semantic constellations where the creation of meaning contests its formations and deformations.

Affectively located in the energetic center of the planet, I approach the tropics as a vortex in the configuration of a world in tension. My artistic research investigates the possible meanings of the tropical experience, which under a link with space, tries to rethink contingent forms of a time tinged by historical and peripheral issues that confront and question the hegemonic, imagining and materializing other possible collective realities.

Through verbal actions, sound devices and visual compositions, I question and propose scenarios of encounter where affection is presented as a catalyst for movement. Using methodologies that resort to processes of approximation and distancing, I elaborate strategies of thought and transformation with the intention of relating to matter in conditions where the edges of the physical and the emotional dilute their rigid contours. My practice is situated in this dissolution of limits, a place of exchange that relates me to a wide range of interlocutors through collaborative dynamics of conversation and affective reflection.

Understood as collective displacements, these collaborative dynamics question the passive observation of change through an expansive notion of bodies that by moving see the world move.